Indie's story

At just 19 days old, little Indie Hogan received a liver transplant. Her parents Samara and Ciaran tell us their story.

“The organ donor’s decision has totally changed our life – our life would never be the same again if they hadn’t made the decision they had.  Indie wouldn’t be here today without them."

“When Indie arrived it was exciting as we had a boy and now a girl.  But when she was about a week old, she started bringing up her milk after some feeds.  After tests, the consultant told us that she had neonatal acute liver failure and was very sick, and as soon as she said that we knew it was something major. She told us that a transplant was the only option, and that Indie was so sick she might not even make it.  The consultant started to cry and we knew how serious it was.

We had to get a flight to Birmingham, and we were waiting on the super-urgent list which was extremely hard – we put a front on for each other and tried to keep strong for each other. We just felt so bad for Indie and thought ‘why should she have to go through it?’

When we got the phone call to say that the organ was suitable, it was such a relief.  But then you think of the donor family and think how luck you are for their choice.

"After the transplant, it was actually quite nice as we knew she was getting the rest she needed, and getting a break from all the treatment and tests.  Her colour changed from a yellow colour right back to a lovely baby pale colour, so we knew things were going well for her.

Now she’s crazy and keeps everyone on their toes!  She’s full of life!

We feel it’s so important to talk to your family about organ donation because you need to let people know that you are willing to do it yourself.  It’s not an easy decision for a family to make, but if they know that’s how you feel about it, before anything happens, then it will make it an easier decision for them.  At any age someone may suddenly require organ donation to save their life and time isn’t always on your side when waiting for a suitable organ match. 

You can save so many lives and do so much good with one decision you make.  The organ donor’s decision saved our child’s life, it’s as simple as that.”