"In July 2010 a nurse told me that a heart had become available. It was very surreal, I wasn't afraid; in fact I was overjoyed as I knew this was the only way I was going to survive."

"A couple of weeks after Denise’s passing, I received a letter from the organ donation team informing me that five different lives had been saved from Denise’s organ donation."

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"If you could see Ben and the difference his transplant has made to both his life and ours you would really see what a truly amazing gift this is."

Talk about your decision

Talking to your family or friends about your decision to become an organ donor is very important. 

Watch Orla's story above to learn more about the importance of telling your family about your decision.

Becoming an organ donor is your decision but it does affect your family. Many people do not realise that their family’s support is necessary for organ donation to go ahead. After your death your family will be consulted and any decision they make will be respected. When families or friends know the wishes of their loved ones it can relieve them of the burden of having to make the decision at such a difficult time.

Talking about organ donation with your family does not need to be difficult. Here are some suggestions to help start the conversation:
• You could use a recent story that has featured on the news, television or social media;
• Explain that an organ donor can save or transform up to nine lives
• Explain how you arrived at your decision – what prompted you to sign the ODR?

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