"In July 2010 a nurse told me that a heart had become available. It was very surreal, I wasn't afraid; in fact I was overjoyed as I knew this was the only way I was going to survive."

"A couple of weeks after Denise’s passing, I received a letter from the organ donation team informing me that five different lives had been saved from Denise’s organ donation."

"If you could see Ben and the difference his transplant has made to both his life and ours you would really see what a truly amazing gift this is."

Talk about your wishes

Talking to your family or a friend about your decision to register is very important. Sharing your decision prepares those closest to you in case anything should happen.

Deciding to become an organ donor is entirely your decision but it does affect your family. After your death your family will be consulted and any decision they make will be respected. When families or friends know the wishes of their loved ones it makes the situation less stressful and can give them the confidence to fulfill your wish of being an organ donor.

Having a chat is also an opportunity for others to think about signing the register too.