Who can be helped

Patients of all ages, including new-born babies, require donation for many different reasons including illness and accident. For example, organs such as lungs and the heart can be used for patients suffering from cystic fibrosis or heart disease. Tissue donation can be used to help patients see again or relieve pain.

The many ways which organ donation can help aren’t always obvious – another reason why it is important to register because we all have the potential to help someone in need of an organ or tissue.

Why are even more donors needed?

Not everyone who has expressed a wish to be a donor will be eligible to donate in the event of their death. To donate organs after death, a person needs to die in hospital in specific circumstances. This applies to only 1 in every 100 people, which highlights how every registration is so important.  

With only half of families agreeing to donation if they don’t know their loved one’s decision, family conversations are vital, as consent for donation rises to 9 out of 10 if loved ones have made their decision known. 

The number of transplants needed is rising due to an aging population and increases in illnesses such as diabetes, kidney, heart and liver disease. 

Register your decision

Donation is a personal decision and you have a choice about whether or not you want to donate.

Whatever you decide, please record your organ donation decision here – it only takes 2 minutes.

And please tell your family and friends.