Our partners raise awareness of organ donation and the importance of signing the NHS Organ Donor Register and sharing that decision with loved ones.

Local charities who promote organ donation as part of their work have been campaigning hard for many years. This is invaluable. The core work they deliver is also vital, from supporting patients and their families, through to research into the causes, prevention and possible cures for conditions.

Below are some useful links and features to read more about these charities:

  • charity partner

    British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland

    The British Heart Foundation (BHF) raises money to fund research into heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors.  It is the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research in Northern Ireland, having invested around £10 million.


    Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund

    The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund was founded in 1971 by Mrs Josie Kerr MBE and supports a wide variety of research projects that explore why persons develop kidney failure and assess the best forms of treatment for these kidney conditions.

  • Liver Support Group

    The Royal Victoria Hospital Liver Support Group

    The Royal Victoria Hospital Liver Support Group was founded in 1998 by Kay Duffy.  Kay's husband had a successful transplant, and having recognised a lack of peer support for liver patients in the Province, she wanted to pass on what she had learned through this experience and help others suffering from liver disease, including those who needed to travel to England for assessments and liver transplants.

  • Children's Heartbeat Trust

    Children’s Heartbeat Trust

    Children’s Heartbeat Trust is a local charity that provides support to children, young people and families living with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in Northern Ireland.