Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund

The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund was founded in 1971 by Mrs Josie Kerr MBE and supports a wide variety of research projects that explore why persons develop kidney failure and assess the best forms of treatment for these kidney conditions.

"The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund has fully supported research over the last 50 years by providing vital fellowships and project grants to individuals and teams. The NIKRF provides a solid foundation for the high quality research into kidney diseases that has achieved national and international recognition.  The NIKRF continues to bring hope to individuals and families affected by kidney disease by helping to answer important research questions that will improve patient care." Retired NIKRF medical advisor, Prof Maxwell.

The Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund was founded in 1971 by Mrs Josie Kerr MBE, a post mistress in Waringstown, Co Armagh. Tragedy had struck in her life and due to a rare complication in pregnancy she became critically ill with acute kidney failure. Josie recovered but unfortunately lost 3 babies.

Josie’s vision was to ‘join people of every class and creed with one aim – raise funds for research.’ This would prevent suffering from kidney disease and save lives.

We are proud that NIKRF is Northern Ireland’s first and leading charity funding Kidney Research and the longest running promoting organ donation.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary we are rebranding the charity by updating our logo, leaflet and web site. However our core values remain as important as ever:

  • Raise funds for research into the causes, prevention and possible cures for kidney related diseases
  • Provide specialised equipment for research and and advances in treatment of kidney diseases, not yet available from the NHS
  • Raise public awareness of kidney disease and the impact it has on patients
  • Raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. We fully endorse the introduction of a statutory opt-out system for Northern Ireland
  • Donations used to fund research here in Northern Ireland

NIKRF is run entirely by volunteers throughout the province who work tirelessly to fundraise for Kidney Research.  We meet 5 times per year at the Belfast City Hospital and host events throughout the year culminating in the famous Waringstown Vintage Cavalcade on the last Friday in June. We welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer, donate or advocate and help win the fight against kidney disease.

We are grateful and thankful to all those who have so generously supported our fund throughout the years. We rely totally on donations and fundraising events.

The charity is honoured to have funded over 100 doctors, nurses and scientists who have proven to be world leading pioneers in their field of work.

We would especially like to thank and remember all who selflessly transform the lives of patients and their families through organ donation – the ‘Gift of Life’.

NIKRF aims to continue to give hope to kidney patients and their families for the next fifty years, lighting the way’

"Its not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years."

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